Study Booklets

The hfw Project includes 5 study booklets. Each booklet is a reproducible document that includes:

  • Study sheets for 20 high frequency words as listed below

  • Each word includes information about the letter-sound links, a tale is told about its origins to help explain the spelling and links to other words, and the study is integrated with handwriting practice

  • Review activities

  • Games specific to the words in the booklet

  • Teacher assessment pages

  • The Answer Key

  • Card sets

Free Downloadable Sample pages!

Click here

Study Booklet #1

The Guidebook and Study Booklet #1 are one downloadable resource which you can then separate into two books and bind or put into a folder as you choose.

Below is a sample of the study booklet pages for the word my.

Below is a sample of the review pages.

Wordling helps our students as they study these high frequency words.

Study Booklet #2

Study Booklet #3

Study Booklet #4

Study Booklet #5